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Taxi Island Tour :


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                 Teluk Nipah Bay                                          Dutch Fort or Kota Belanda




      Mini Great Wall Fu Lin Gong Temple                              Kuan Ying Temple




                   Local DownTown                                        Batu Bersurat or Tiger Rock





In pangkor island, pink colored  taxi Vans which about 10 seated are available for most part of the day to take you around. However, please be forewarned that Pulau Pangkor Taxis have no meters, hence you should check the fare before embarking on a ride.


Booking in advance to ensure you get an experenced driver now!! 

Taxi island tour takes about 2 - 4 hours to run around the island and cover all the popular spots here. A taxi van for island trip will cost you about RM80~RM100/van or nearly RM10/person. It is worth to have a try on it because Pulau Pangkor Taxi driver will kindly explain all about the island and the local popular sightseeing spots to you. By request, it's possible to stop off at the beach side and the driver will come back to pick you up after a few hours.




     Pangkor Satay Factory - Manufacture                    Local satay products - Trading




Island Tour Frequently  Cover's Spots


Fu Lin Gong or Mini Great Wall a Taoist Chinese temple that has fish pond and feature with a mini great wall of china here. Your trip may not complete without visit the temple.  


Local DownTown (Sungai Pinang Kecil) Pangkor village's local downtown is a busy little place with lots happening, particularly in the early hours of the morning when fresh produce from fishermen and from mainland are brought in for the local community's daily needs. Toward the end of the village, on the left from the pangkor jetty, a few 'kedai kopi' (coffee shops) cater to the local malaysian folk who frequent the place for their breakfast and a little bit of the local gossip. This Chinese fishing villager offers a closer look at life of the average Chinese fisherman and his family. 


Teluk Nipah Bay is the most popular beaches with foreign travelers. This beach is located a few kilometers north pasir bogak beach. Unlike other beaches, it has corals, sea cucumber and bird lovers can find the hornbill on this beach. Sometimes,most of the people will forget that Teluk Nipah has 2 beaches, Nipah beach and coral bay. Nipah bay has a beautiful view on two small island called Giam Island and Mentagor Island. When the tide is out you can even walk to the Giam Island too.It will be an unforgetable experiences for you to walk in the middle of the sea .


Dutch Fort or Kota Belanda One of the main attractions of pangkor island, this structure is actually the remains and stone foundations of 300 years old fort builded by the dutch in year 1670. Located at Teluk Gedung, this fort was one of the dutch strongholds built to repel pirates and local malays. It was abandoned after a successful attacked by a local warrior, Panglima Kulub and his followers. In 1973, National Museum undertook the fort reconstruction. 


Batu Bersurat  which literally means “Sacred Written Rock" , also known as Tiger Rock due to the etching found on this huge granite boulder. The rock measures about 10.7 m long and 4.6 m wide and stands at 4.3 m tall, and today, there is a pavillion built to shelter it. Batu bersurat is located close to the Dutch Fort, in Pangkor Island. The etchings shows the picture of a tiger carrying away a child. There are also two round-shaped leaves, and the letters "If Carlo 1743" and "VOC". The "VOC" probably refers to the Dutch East India Company. There are several theories about the inscription.


Pasir Bogak Beach was the first-developed beach and thus the most famous. It is fine for swimming, but gets very crowded during holidays. It is the largest and most popular beach on the island. The beach is crescent shaped and numerous shady trees provide idyllic picnic spots under the canopy of their lush foliage. The water is shallow and crystal clear, offering endless hours of fun and frolic in the sunlit sea. There are some facilities for boating, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving (Pulau Sembilan), kayaking, rafting.   


Pangkor Airport the only Airline company, Berjaya Air has suspended their services into and out of Pangkar Airport since 3rd May 2010 due to to commercial reasons.


Local Satay Factory Over the years pangkor satay factory company had became very famous for their seafood snacks, mainly the processed cuttlefish (kerepek sotong), satay fish, fish fillet,anchovies(which the locals call it Ikan bilis) and satay fish crisp. The satay factory is located at Sungai Pinang Kecil and it is about 10minutes walking distance from the Sungai Pinang Kecil Jetty. In a sunny day, just nearby the satay factory you might see part of the manufacture process, dried fishes under the sun.


GuanYin Temple is built on an outcrop of rock and is located several yards from the road. A rugged and narrow dirt road cut through the lightly forested path to a wooden bridge that leads to the entrance of the shrine. You are always recommend to experience the Chinese traditional divination over here. Draw a Fortune Stick gathering the tops of all the fortune sticks in your hands give a quick lift, twist and drop motion, mix the sticks and choose a stick that stands out. This stick will hopefully contain the answers to your question. Place the stick on the altar in front of the Guanyin or Kuan-Yin. Good Luck!



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